Monday, January 23, 2012

MENOPAUSE: The Time of Your Life

Menopause is a fact that affects every woman around the world.  It’s impact varies both within and across all cultures.   There is no universal menopause experience.  But, for all women, menopause can mark an exciting new time of life.

Each woman views menopause and treatment in a different way.  Some consider it a medical condition requiring treatment, while others view it as a natural transition that should be managed naturally.  Most women want more information but need to be sure they are obtaining accurate information about menopause and it’s variety of treatments.

Diversity in a woman’s social and cultural experiences can also affect her menopause experience and view of treatment options, as well as her overall health and well-being. As women experience all of the changes of approaching menopause, each woman will need to identify her own way of dealing with midlife wellness.  In fact, reaching menopause is a ideal time to begin or reinforce a healthy lifestyle.

Thoughts and Attitude
The transition to menopause can be a time of reflection and inspiration. Although transitions of any kind can be difficult, many women experience a sense of freedom and personal growth.  Attitude and thoughts about this transition can have a tremendous impact on your experience of it.  Have positive thoughts, appreciate things and enjoy your day!!

Laughter brings us closer to people, moves us into more positive mind sets, can stimulate our immune system, enhance our learning and memory, and help us to better cope with the stressors in our life.  Laughter is a great menopause help.

Make Time For Yourself
Exercise, eat right, and incorporate relaxation techniques into your day.  This moves you out of the stress response that is harmful to your health.  Relaxation techniques can reduce hot flashes, PMS, problems with sleep and pain.   When women make themselves a priority (even 15 minutes per day), dramatic changes can occur.

By combining positive thoughts, a healthy lifestyle, and relaxation techniques, many women are changing the menopause experience.  Each woman is an expert in her own body, and she benefits most from being well informed.  The primary message for a woman at this stage of her life is that she can enjoy her body for many years to come, if she makes informed and healthy choices.