Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Measuring Changes in Health & Age

Ever wonder if you can measure how you are aging or if your health is improving? By measuring your Phase Angle (PhA) can help you do just that. When you monitor your phase angle values they can help you track progress of lifestyle changes as well as clue you in on
health risks. 

By tracking your PhA, you’ll be able to gain a more precise picture of your health because it examines cell health and the amount of water inside of the cells. Based on established research findings, higher PhA values suggest greater cellular integrity and reflects  better overall cell health.  A low phase angle, on the other hand, is  highly predictive of decreased muscle strength, impaired quality of life, and increased mortality in old adults with cancerLow phase angles tend to be consistent in individuals with malnutrition,  HIV/AIDS infection, cancer, chronic alcoholism, and old age.

Thus, keeping your phase angle high through healthy lifestyle habits is encouraged.
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